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  • All will go”helped the electors “   read more
  • A new disaster: Due to irregular migration a boat drowns in Rashid and dozens of victims   read more
  • The Arab Council for Human Rights: The Egyptians thwarted attempts to distort the elections   read more
  • The Arab Council for the Support of Fair Trials requests: Provide guarantees to preserve the rights of the families of the martyrs in the trial of Mubarak and al-Adli   read more
  • “Arab to support fair trial” demands the right of communication to prisoners and detainees   read more

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الحملة تأتى فى إطار خطة التوعية للفئات الشعبية بأهمية مشاركتهم بالتصويت فى انتخابات الرئاسة و بهدف رفع نسبة المشاركة لتفعيل نجاح العملية الانتخابية [gallery columns="6" size="medium" ids="414,413,412,411,385,410"]