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Mission and vision

ACSFT aims for the legal empowerment and support for the poor (Egyptians and foreigners) including refugees and asylum seekers and provides free legal aid for the poor Egyptians and foreigners. In addition, ACSFT aims to enhance and disseminate the culture of human rights and raising awareness. and to enhance democracy and freedom of expression. The council is in cooperation and coordination with national, regional and international institutions and organizations of human rights.

For this purpose, ACSFT monitors and follows up violations against human rights and freedoms, especially violations of the right to a fair trial and provide defense, supervision, assistance and legal consultancy opportunities to those who are detained, declares anti-violation situations against the right to a fair trial, issue statements and reports in this respect and make the necessary recommendations for the maintenance of the right to a fair and just trial.


The Arab Council for Supporting Fair Trials (ACSFT) was established in 2006 as an NGO to defend human rights and freedoms in Egypt and other Arab countries. The Arab Council is a main partner with the UN’s Refugee Agency (UNHCR) concerning protection and legal aid for refugees. We are aware of the contribution of the EU to the UNHCR in order to assist them through their mission in protecting and helping refugees in Egypt. The EU contributes in the success of ACSFT in providing the free legal aid for free and guarantees that the targeted categories do not bare any costs. The council is in cooperation and coordination with the IOM to help the immigrants. The council aims to supporting the Human rights of the refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants in Egypt, and supporting a fair and just trial according to national and international standards. ACSFT scope of work is spread in Cairo, Giza and 6th of October city, as well as hoping for expansion in: Arish, Marsa Matrouh and Assouan. ACFST works with a specialized team of lawyers, researchers, translators who are involved in the field work. ACSFT has a large network of lawyers due to the fact that Mr. Abdel Gawad, the chairman of ACSFT, is the vice president of the Egyptian bar association

The Economic and Social Council of the United Nations endorsed the recommendation of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations to grant the Arab Council for Human Rights and Fair Trial special consultative status with the Council under Article 71 of the Charter of the United Nations, which provides that the Economic and Social Council shall make appropriate arrangements for consultation with bodies Non-governmental organizations  concerned with matters within its competence in June 2018.

-We have managed to assist a lot of refugees during the events of the 25th January Egyptian revolution as well as helping those in detention , . -Regarding extracting the official documents: In 2012, we have managed to help the refugees in “Saloum Camp” at Marsa Matrouh by relocating the official employees, the representatives of governmental offices in order to help those issuing birth certificates for their children –while they did not meet the conditions for getting birth certificates due to rape cases, unknown fathers, missing the deadline for registration…etc. -We have managed to host many educational sessions and workshops:

*In house, inside of ACSFT

* In cooperation with Saint Andrew’s church.

*Raising the awareness of Syrian refugees through


We face many challenges during our work as follows: -The ignorance of the targeted categories and their non awareness of the laws as well as their non compliance with the national laws and regulations. -The culture among the society about the importance of human rights in general. -The culture of the society, official officers and the government in dealing with refugees in Egypt. -The importance of official documents and the difficulty of extracting them from official authorities especially after the deadline set by the law. For example birth certificates must be provided within 2 months after the child’s birth. -The difficulty of relocating the targeted categories to the locations of the official authorities in order to extract the necessary documents or to get assistance in any procedures several workshops in cooperation with UNHCR.

How ACSFT Start