The campaign “All of us Nazlan Alashanak Egypt” launched by the Arab Council for Human Rights under the chairmanship of lawyer Abdul Jawad Ahmed started its work on the first day of the elections. He explained that the campaign has spread a network of volunteers to help voters, especially the elderly and illiterates in the popular areas of Greater Cairo, to reach their electoral committees to vote, in order to raise the participation rate, under the auspices of Dr. Ghali Wali Minister of Social Solidarity. The president of the Arab Council for Human Rights added that the campaign will work during the next voting days and until the end of it, in the role of NGOs and NGOs in supporting electoral participation. Today, the presidential election began at 9 am and lasts for three days. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and head of the “Ghad” party Musa Mustafa Musa are competing in the elections. In the 2018 presidential election, 59,787,138 voters are entitled to cast their ballots in the 2018 presidential elections. The electoral process is overseen by 18,620 judges from 4 judicial bodies, 13,706 subcommittees in all provinces and 110,000 administrative staff Amid tight security. The National Electoral Commission, chaired by Chancellor Lashin Ibrahim, set the second of April to announce the outcome of the elections.