Since 2009 ACSFT is the main legal partner for the UNHCR, which is mainly concerned providing legal assistance to refugees and Asylum Seekers these could be described as follows : Legal services • Offer legal counselling in administrative and legal matters. • Offer assistance along the procedure to obtain civil status documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates. • Legal assistance in administrative procedures: residence permits, work permits. • Legal representation and defence before Egyptian prosecutions and courts to victims and for those who become subject of criminal charges and or acts. • Act on behalf of those who are in detention accused of irregular entry or other charges in order to get their release. • Legal support to SGBV survivals and to victims of trafficking. • Provide training and awareness on legal rights and obligations of asylum seekers and refugees in Egypt, the rights of children, prevention of sexual and gender based violence, the risks of irregular migration.