The Arab Council for the Support of Fair Trial and Human Rights expressed its deep concern about the Egyptian television and private satellite channels. The media coverage of the trial of former President Hosni Mubarak, former Interior Minister Habib al-Adli and symbols of the regime. the previous. In a statement, the council said in a statement today that the channels are hosting a number of legal, legal and press personalities, in particular the representatives of the defense of civil and civil rights defendants, in addition to the analysis of the trial in its early stages. The president of the court adjourned for a break and after the court issued its decision to postpone the trial to mid-August, as if the trial were a football game that questioned the commentary before, during and after the suspension. Abdel-Gawad Ahmed, chairman of the Arab Council for Fair Trial, called on Judge Ahmed Refaat, head of the Cairo Criminal Court, to use a power to issue a decree prohibiting all media outlets from handling the media either by analyzing or suspending the trial during all stages until the final verdict is issued. In accordance with the law and the principles and controls established in this regard. He also called on the bodies and representatives of the defense of civil rights plaintiffs and defendants in the ongoing trial of Mubarak and al-Adli not to show television and space programs to comment on the trial during the availability of legal representation of the parties to the trial and not to go into it or comment on the course, in order to avoid confusion and undermine the confidence of public opinion in justice Judiciary If the adjudication of the trial ends, it is contrary to the belief that was formed in the public opinion by the influence of the media The Arab Council for Fair Trial is concerned about the “spatial analysis” of Mubarak’s trial and the symbols of his regime