The Economic and Social Council of the United Nations endorsed the recommendation of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations to grant the Arab Council for Human Rights and Fair Trial special consultative status with the Council under Article 71 of the Charter of the United Nations, which provides that the Economic and Social Council shall make appropriate arrangements for consultation with bodies Non-governmental organizations concerned with matters within its competence. For his part, Abdul Jawad Ahmed, Chairman of the Arab Council for Human Rights, said that the request to accept the Arab Council for Human Rights was accepted as a consultative body after it met all the international conditions and standards of the NGOs and after discussing its request with care, professionalism and approval of all members of the committee, 19 countries. In a press statement, Ahmed added that the decision to ratify the consultative status of the Arab Council would allow him to participate in the work of the Council and other United Nations bodies and to allow the Arab Council to consult with the international organization, Member States and the United Nations system more effectively. Its representatives at United Nations Headquarters and offices in New York and Geneva. “We will continue to strengthen and support the efforts of the Egyptian civil society to activate human rights, especially the adoption of development programs and projects as well as the development of the state system in the field of legal and judicial assistance to Egyptians, refugees and migrants,” he said. .